iPhone Tracker Spy Apps: All You Need To Know About Them

We live in a world in which spyware is rapidly becoming normalized. No longer just a tool of hackers and government agencies, most adults have potential access to some iteration of this type of software. iPhone trackers are one element of spyware. They can be an extremely useful tool for keeping your children safe or observing your partner’s behavior. However, they can also be used unethically. So what are the uses of iPhone trackers? What they can do, who uses them, and what are the legal and ethical ramifications of device monitoring? What Can An iPhone Tracker Do? An iPhone tracker is used to monitor someone’s locations, communications, and behavior while using their device. It relays all of this information

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What is iKeyMonitor? Everything You Need To Know

Why you need to know about iKeyMonitor Did you know that sexting (sex texting) is now rampant among young kids, especially females? According to ‘The Telegraph,” it is currently observed that some kids send private pictures of themselves to strangers on social media platforms.  As a lovely parent who is concerned about your kids’ safety, don’t you think it will be a great idea if you can figure out what they are doing with their phones? Or know the kind of company they keep in school? But is Spying on Your Kids a Good Idea? Spying on a child’s phone seems to be a nice decision, according to many people. But there are others who think that it isn’t a

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How I Find My Phone For Free

Once upon a time, not that long ago, if you lost your phone, it was fairly easy to find, because it was attached to a cord, attached to a receiver, attached to the wall. Simple, really. Today it’s a bit harder to find your phone for a number of reasons: it’s a lot smaller, it’s not attached to anything so could be literally anywhere, and to make matters worse, it could also be on silent. Also, you could have left it in any number of handbags or jackets’ pockets, or someone could have run off with it, or it could be lost in your house somewhere. You are probably beginning to think that some people might be a little bit

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Find My Android: Can Hackers Really Find It

Unfortunately, hackers can both find and hack into your Android phone. This is a massive privacy and security breach to you as the owner of the phone, so knowing how to identify if your Android has been hacked and what you can do after you know for sure is extremely important. How To Tell If Your Android Has Been Hacked If you are having concerns about whether or not your Android phone has been hacked, knowing for sure whether or not it’s truly been breached must be clarified. Look at the following information below for more information on the signs that your phone may have been hacked. Mysterious Data Usage If you’re someone who monitors your data usage very closely,

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Find My Phone: How to Find a Lost Phone

What is the worst possible thing that could happen to you? Losing your phone, right? Well, we aren’t being overly dramatic; your phone is certainly an important part of you. It isn’t just the phone that’s important; it’s what it contains that matters. We save our personal information on our phones, which could range from credit card information to passwords and usernames. To say that your phone is an integral part of your identity is certainly an understatement. Losing your phone is not just a monetary loss.  It could also put you at risk. If your phone ends up in the wrong hands, you might be in for some trouble. The worst part is, we think it’ll never happen to

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How Can I Track My iPhone Without Jailbreaking?

Reasons abound why people spy on iPhones. For many people, tracking their partner’s iPhone is perhaps the best way to be sure of their trust in their marriage. Some do it to protect their children from malicious contents online, others, perhaps to track their lost or stolen phones. Whatever the reasons might be, you shouldn’t jailbreak the device if you must spy on it. This is to avoid the consequences of being caught. Jailbreaking, as explained by Melanie Pinola in her article, “is to hack it so that you have unrestricted access to the entire file system.” In this case, you’ll need to perform certain tasks on the said phone to be able to jailbreak it. No doubt, this is

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How to Track an iPhone

One of the biggest nightmare for all iPhone users around the world would be the loss of their phone. It might be left behind somewhere, but it might also be stolen out of your pocket or bag unnoticed. You might be scared that your personal information in your phone might be misused. What can you do to track an iPhone? If buying another phone is out of the question for you, here are a few ways you can track your iPhone down. Track an iPhone iCloud Access your iCloud account, on a computer, iPad or by other means, by entering your username and password. You will be directed to your dashboard. From the dashboard, click “Find iPhone”. Choose “All Devices”

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Spyware: Everything You Need to Know

Spyware is a type of malware that secretly gathers private information about a person’s online activity without being detected by the person who’s affected. According to Erictech, a spyware detector and antivirus company, it’s a type of malware that allows the user to analyze and retrieve data from another computer while being undetected. Spyware was first introduced in 1999 by a popular freeware game known as “Elf Bowling,” which came with a tracking software. Many internet users that installed the game had their computer infected. The software tracked their online activities and captured sensitive data such as sites visited, emails, keystrokes and more. Types of Spyware Spyware is mostly divided into 4 types: adware, tracking cookies, system monitors, and trojans. Adware

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Spy on iPhone vs. Android: Which Has The Best Features for Phone Monitoring

iPhone or Android? This is one question parents will contemplate when they decide to give their child a smartphone. The final answer usually lies in their perception of which operating system gives the most “bang for the buck” in helping parents track and control their child’s gadget use. Both operating systems, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS, possess a different variety of features which can create a kid-friendly, adult-controlled smartphone that is relatively safe for your child’s use. Child-Proofing an Android Phone Setting Up Yourself as the Administrator First thing’s first: establish control over the device before handing it over to your child. Phones running on Android Lollipop (version 5.0) and later allow users to set up different accounts. Set

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