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Mobile Spy app offers a lot of cool features to help you keep track of what your children or any of your loved ones are doing with their phones. Yes, the word “spy” might sound silly.  But when this app is in the right hands and is used for the right purposes, it will benefit a lot of people from all walks of life.

Mobile Spy App to watch your kid's texts

Katrina, a mother of two, said, “My children are both teenagers, and they can be a handful. Don’t get me wrong, they are good kids, but they are teenagers. And you know what teenagers are like. That is why I installed a Mobile Spy app on their phones. Although Mobile Spy is regarded as a spy app, it is more like a digital guardian and a digital protector. I use it for many reasons, but I don’t abuse it. My aim is to make sure my kids are okay.”

Just like Katrina, a lot of parents use Mobile Spy app to monitor their kids and teens. The app is easy to install, simple to use and reliable. Within a few minutes of installation, you can check up on your kids by seeing who and what they’re texting, messaging, and emailing. So with this app, you can ensure your child isn’t being bullied or preyed on by someone. Of course, spouses and significant others use this app to check up on one another.

What are Mobile Spy App’s main features?

On their control panel, you will get to see features like communication logs, text messages, call history, emails, social networking, call history, pin number, contacts and more. The best part to this is that you can have a keyword alert sent to you in case your child contacts a particular person or visits some obnoxious or inappropriate websites.

  • Call History 

This app shows you who is calling, what time they called and the duration of the call. You can also check who is in their contact list.

  • Social Media

You will get to see all the conversation on social networking sites like Facebook Twitter, WhatsApp, and other social media. You can actually see incoming messages and outgoing messages. The app gives you everything you want to know about your kids’ online presence.

what is mobile spy app?

  • Email

The use of email is not a huge thing these days, but if your kid or your partner is using it, you can actually see who sent it, what time it was sent, and how often they are emailing the recipient.

  • Media Files

You can check all the incoming pictures and see what photographs or videos they are taking. That means you can check this person’s pictures and make sure they aren’t taking or sharing sexy selfies.

Apart from the above features, Mobile Spy app allows you to lock off the phone, block apps and websites to prevent your children from accessing them. You can also set time limits on their online activities so that they wouldn’t be distracted by social media during homework and school time. Unlike other spy apps, Mobile Spy’s can export all the logs of the phone onto your dashboard, which is a great plus.

Will it work on your phone?

The compatibility of this app is simply stupendous. It will work on all iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, Tablets, iPads and even Symbian devices as well. When it comes to Mobile Spy, don’t worry. It works on everything!

What about their plans?

This software provides you with 3 versions: basic, premium and pro. Although they come with a lot of features, you are limited to most of those key features unless you upgrade your plan. The basic version, for instance, does not include key features such as instant GPS mapping or the live control panel, which means you can’t view the screen live. We do believe that these functions are imperative, and without them, the basic plan seems to be a serious deal breaker.

Mobile Spy app alternatives

What about a refund?

Just like other legitimate software companies, Mobile Spy does not give out refunds easily. The only exception is when they can’t fix a technical issue. Apart from that, they don’t easily issue refunds as most people might be tempted to abuse the opportunity and end up using the software as a free app.

What We Like

  • They’ve got great support system
  • Easy installation
  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • It’s user-friendly and increasingly discreet
  • You can monitor up to 3 devices with just a single subscription

What We Don’t Like

  • It is not a one-time payment. You have to renew your plan every 6 months.
  • Quite expensive
  • The basic plan doesn’t come with some important features

Overall, Mobile Spy offers features that easily get the job done. The app is easy to install and offers you long but great instructions. 

Although we do think it is a little bit expensive compared to other spy apps that come with the same functions and offer almost the same services. A good monitoring app that can stand head-to-head with Mobile Spy and still offer you exceptional services at an affordable price is KidGuard monitoring software.

But if the price is not a major factor to you, then we recommend you give this app a try. The software works amazingly well and is backed up with decent support from a reputable company.

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