What is iKeyMonitor? Everything You Need To Know

Why you need to know about iKeyMonitor

Did you know that sexting (sex texting) is now rampant among young kids, especially females? According to ‘The Telegraph,” it is currently observed that some kids send private pictures of themselves to strangers on social media platforms. 

As a lovely parent who is concerned about your kids’ safety, don’t you think it will be a great idea if you can figure out what they are doing with their phones? Or know the kind of company they keep in school?

But is Spying on Your Kids a Good Idea?

Spying on a child’s phone seems to be a nice decision, according to many people. But there are others who think that it isn’t a cool idea as an invasion of a child’s privacy isn’t morally right. To many others, it’s fine to monitor a child’s online engagements provided the child is aware you’re spying on them.

In a report by BBC, citing a poll sometimes conducted in 2013, “43% of parents with children younger than 18 who have smartphones said their kids know they monitor their phone activity…”


What is iKeyMonitor?

iKeyMonitor is a spy app that you can use to track a phone, record every keystroke and capture text messages on the target phone. With this phone tracking app, you can easily recover files and other relevant information, even if they’ve been deleted on the tracked phone.

How does iKeyMonitor Work?

iKeyMonitor is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. It doesn’t matter what version of iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android device you use, this application will work just fine.

You can use it to monitor the following on your child’s phone: Calls, Emails, GPS, Voice Messages, SMS, Clipboard, Chats, Websites, Apps, and Games.

  • Calls: You will be able to listen to all calls made on any other device you’ve installed the app. You can also check call history and get to know who your child recently called and who they frequently talks with most of the time.
  • Emails: With the app, you can get easy access to all the emails your child has composed and received.
  • GPS: The GPS function on this app lets you know your kids’ whereabouts, and gives you a clue who they always hang out with. The iKeyMonitor Spy App will give you access to the exact location of your child at a particular point in time.
  • Voice Messages: You can also gain access to all the voice mail your child has received.
  • SMS: Want to know whom your child is texting regularly and why? iKeyMonitor will grant you access to not only the messages sent by your child but also those received.
  • Clipboard: This is any saved piece of information on the phone after copying it. Yes, you can access this too.
  • Websites: You also can access all the browser history on your child’s phone to make sure they’ve not been exposed to harmful or inappropriate contents online. You’ll see the websites even if they’ve been wiped out from the phone.
  • Apps: You will also know the types of apps your child uses or has downloaded on their phone.
  • Games: What kind of games do they play? That too is easy to know using iKeyMonitor.

How to Use iKeyMonitor

Unlike many other apps that limit the activities of spying a particular device, iKeyMonitor allows you to track your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android device using different methods.

You also have the option to monitor the device by viewing logs of activities directly on the device, or you can do that via any internet enabled device through a LAN network. You can also see all the details via online Cloud account or via FTP account, which is optional. The choice is all yours.

The Pros
  • Keystrokes recording to monitor any App
  • All passwords entered on the tracked device can be accessed
  • Monitors screen activities as the user uses the phone
  • Multiple logs viewing methods: locally, LAN, Cloud, Email, and FTP accounts
  • Multiple language support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
The Cons
  • It requires jailbreak
  • The free-trial duration is too limited: just one day
  • It’s expensive for a spy app

If you’re deeply concerned about your child’s near addiction to their mobile phone, then you may want to look at the iKeyMonitor App to help you know exactly what’s been going on with your child online and offline.

When you think of the benefit of having this information, you’d be at ease knowing that your child is neither being bullied somewhere nor sexting nor exposed to some cyber crimes.

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