Spy on Phone: How To Monitor Your Child’s Phone Activity

Smartphones have evolved so much in the past few years that they are now virtually complete guides to anyone’s life, storing one’s location, conversations, and other personal information. This can be a double-edged sword: while it helps you keep all you need in one place, it also offers others deep insight into your life with something as simple as a spy app. At first thought, a spy app can seem off-putting, but it can actually be quite beneficial. For example, parents can use them to monitor their kids to ensure their safety at all times, whether physically or online.

To Monitor Or Not To Monitor

Before a parent chooses if they are going to monitor their child’s phone or not, they need to think are going to ask themselves if this is the best choice for their child. A child needs to have a degree of independence for harmonious development, but how much independence is too much?

With so many dangerous traps and personalities that they could encounter online, like cyber bullies and online predators, it’s no surprise that parents worry about their kids’ safety. Monitoring your child isn’t illegal if you are their legal guardian, they are still a minor, and you pay their phone bill. However, no one likes the thought of their privacy being violated, especially without their knowledge. So, consider talking to your child about your intention to spy on their phone by explaining your reasoning and hearing their side first.

Is There A Right Age to Spy on Phone Contacts, Communications, and Whereabouts?

There isn’t really a right age for a child to receive a phone; it’s all about their maturity and parental guidance. Some kids today have their own smartphone at a very young age, some even by the age of 7. Although it’s possible to explain online dangers and teach them about good online behavior at an early age, they still are young and perhaps too gullible to fully protect themselves on- or off- line. Strangers could still easily persuade them to engage in dangerous situations. This is why some parents opt to use monitoring apps like KidGuard so that they can see who their kids are talking to and what they are saying.

Educating them on internet safety is something that should start before they are even handed a smartphone. The older they get, the more they will value their privacy. They will also face an increasing number of online dangers including cyber bullying, sexting, and peer pressure.

So, should a parent monitor their child’s phone? For many, the answer is Yes. Just remember that it would be best if the child knew they were being monitored. It’s vital to know your child’s whereabouts and their circle of friends so that, even when they’re not by your side, you can still protect them.

How To Spy On Phone Location, Messages, Calls, etc

Parents are justified to monitor their kid’s phone, as long as they are not violating any rules. So how would a parent go about monitoring their child? Well, there’s an app for that.

KidGuard is one of the top monitoring apps developed with parents in mind, as it offers various features including contacts, call logs, text messages, photos, social media activities, and even GPS location monitoring. Just in case anything serious happens to your child, it also comes with an emergency feature called Situation 360, which allows the authorities quickly find your child.

Depending on your app of choice, you might have to download an app on your child’s phone too. Installing and activating the apps are pretty straightforward. After that, you can log in to the dashboard and start monitoring.

There are many spy apps on the market today, so it can be difficult to know which one better suits your needs. However, you can pick according to the person you are monitoring; spy apps dedicated to monitoring employees are different from apps dedicated to monitoring kids. In this case, it’s your child.  

As long as your reason to spy on a phone is legal and legit, you shouldn’t worry too much. It’s normal to be protective of your child and want to know who their friends are and where they spend their time. However, you should tell your child about your intention to monitor them to ensure they don’t lose their confidence in you.

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