How To Get Text Messages From Another Phone Sent To Mine?

Is it possible to hack into someone’s text conversations using my own phone? Yes, it is.

Smartphones make it convenient to communicate anywhere. They also make it convenient to monitor people from anywhere. Highly developed monitoring software that tracks people’s activities through their phones is now a technological reality and a commercial commodity.

Indeed, you can track a target phone’s incoming and outgoing messages without having to steal that phone and look into its messaging app. You don’t need to hold that phone or be a few feet away to get information from it. The phone in question can be on a business trip, three hours away from you, and still secretly report every text message it sends out or receives.

You can not only get text messages from another phone sent to you, but also remotely track call logs, location history, photos, calendar entries, and more (depending on the complexity of the software). All this data can be sent or synced for viewing on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC, even if these devices are miles apart from each other.

The concept can be scary; but on the flip side, it can also be a helpful tool for enhancing digital safety. Parents can actively monitor their kids, and business owners can ensure the security of their operations.

The process of remotely tracking text messages of a target phone (or getting copies of text messages sent to your phone) depends largely on the operating system. The two most common platforms are Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

Tracking iMessage of an iPhone or an iOS device

iPhones have two built-in apps that allow text messaging. One is its regular SMS app which relies on the subscribed cellular network. The other is iMessage which is proprietarily managed by Apple. Chat conversations on iMessage can be monitored by another Apple device. Regular SMS messages on an ordinary texting app or other apps such as Messenger, however, need a more complex third-party application to track them.

Monitoring text conversations on iMessage require another iPhone or Apple device running iOS 7, 8, or 9+. You cannot monitor iMessage with an Android phone. You also need your target’s Apple ID and password so that you can sign into the same iCloud account. It goes without saying that you need an internet connection for this to work. Once your Apple device and target iPhone accounts are linked and setup to share iMessages, all messages in this app will be remotely reflected in your device.

To monitor the iMessage app, you do not need to install anything on the target phone. Since this is a built-in feature, all you need to do is configure iMessage on both the target and remote tracking phones. As for regular SMS messages on a regular messaging app, you will need a more powerful monitoring program to get these messages remotely delivered to you.

Tracking Messages on an Android Phone

Getting regular SMS messages from a target phone remotely delivered to yours needs a well-developed monitoring software. By well developed, we mean a quality spyware that runs seamlessly in the background and leaves no digital traces.

A good monitoring app has more than just an SMS tracking feature. It should be robust enough to access the target’s location, photos, videos, notes, web history, and other apps. Which app contains all of these functions? Child monitoring applications are a good place to start your search, with as KidGuard as a fine example of a well designed and comprehensive software.

To get your target’s text messages on your phone, you need an SMS tracking software or, as mentioned, a whole monitoring suite that does much more than just track regular text messages. These programs are cut out to work on either one or both operating systems. Whether the targeted person owns an Android phone or an iPhone, you will initially need to physically have the device in your possession just for a few minutes to install a compatible tracking app. This is just a one-time requirement. After the deed is done, you can now remotely track the device.

Once the app has been installed on the target phone, it should disappear from sight and start syncing all the target phone’s data into an account you have set up for this remote tracking purpose. The setup procedures will differ according to the software used. Once the target phone starts syncing to your phone, you can indulge in a full-blown surveillance of your target’s activities: text conversations, photos, and videos, where they go, and what sites they visit. You will also have access to the contacts list, schedules, notes, and whatever else goes on in other apps. Some monitoring software can even recover deleted text messages and photos.

So all you need to do is install the spy app on the target’s phone, setup and configure your own phone, tablet, or PC to receive the synced information, and voila!..you secretly get all your target’s data in real time, served up on your device. Nice and neat, as long as you use good, quality monitoring software.

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