How I Find My Phone For Free

Once upon a time, not that long ago, if you lost your phone, it was fairly easy to find, because it was attached to a cord, attached to a receiver, attached to the wall.

Simple, really. Today it’s a bit harder to find your phone for a number of reasons: it’s a lot smaller, it’s not attached to anything so could be literally anywhere, and to make matters worse, it could also be on silent. Also, you could have left it in any number of handbags or jackets’ pockets, or someone could have run off with it, or it could be lost in your house somewhere.

You are probably beginning to think that some people might be a little bit careless and scatterbrained about phones, and you would be right. But even the most rigidly organised people need help to find their phone sometimes, such as if it was in their car and their car was stolen, or if their teenage daughter nicked off with it, possibly stealing the car at the same time.

The extent of your ideas for how to find your phone might be:

  1.      Ring it.
  2.      Remember it’s on silent and then throw up your hands in defeat.

But it turns out that there are a few more things you can try. However, keep in mind that you have to have some of these in place already before you lose your phone.


How I Find My Phone For Free

Here are some great apps that you can use to find your phone:

  • Find My iPhone

Find My iPhoneThis app comes standard on all iPhones now. To locate your lost phone, you just log into Find My Phone on iCloud using your Apple ID on another device and you can see where your phone is. It also has the function to make a really loud noise so you can locate it, even if you have it on silent.

If you’ve left it somewhere where anyone can get it, you can use this app to remotely lock your phone so no one can access it. If you can’t get it back, you can remotely wipe all of your personal information from the phone.

For Windows phones, Find My Phone is available. For Android users, you have the choice between Where’s My Droid and Android Device Manager. which do the same thing for Android phones.

  • Lookout

This app is available on Android and iOS devices. You can use the app to locate your phone on a map, or make it ring even if silent. If you want extra features, like being able to remotely lock or wipe the phone, you need to upgrade to the premium version.

  • Prey

This software can be used on phones and laptops, and goes a few steps further than the basics of the apps above. Not only can you track your device on a GPS and get it to make a loud alarm, you can also take photos from the front and back cameras so you see where your phone is or who has your phone. Prey allows you to wipe all data from the device, too, as well as create zones in your city so you know if your device ever leaves the zone.

  • Plan B

This one is for Android phones, and only works on the older models, but it’s worth mentioning because you can install this app onto your phone even after you’ve lost your phone! Just head to Google Play Market and arrange for the app to install itself on your phone as long as it has a data connection, and then it can send out signals which you can pinpoint on GPS.

  • Anti-Theft

This one is for Android only but offers a bit more of an advanced range of features if you are worried your phone has been stolen. In addition to being able to track it, sound an alarm, and remotely control it, you can also forward your calls. That’s a nifty extra feature if you need to be contacted at all times and get a bit anxious without your phone handy.

  • Find My Friends

This app is a little bit different in that you can use it to track down your friends’ phones (or your partner’s, or your kids’). It tracks the phone via GPS and Wi-Fi and shows where it is on a map. The owner of the phone generally has to install the app and approve being tracked.

  • Connect

This app is great because you can track a phone that doesn’t have this installed on it, by triangulating where the phone is through social media and location services. If you’ve misplaced your phone at home then this one can’t really help you, but if it’s been stolen or lost in public somewhere, this app could help track your phone down.


No one wants to lose their phone, but it’s inevitable and bound to happen some day. With this comprehensive list of all the ways you to find your phone for free, you won’t have to worry as much when the doomed day comes. Get one of these apps set up for free and try it out.

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