Find My Android: Can Hackers Really Find It

Unfortunately, hackers can both find and hack into your Android phone. This is a massive privacy and security breach to you as the owner of the phone, so knowing how to identify if your Android has been hacked and what you can do after you know for sure is extremely important.

How To Tell If Your Android Has Been Hacked

If you are having concerns about whether or not your Android phone has been hacked, knowing for sure whether or not it’s truly been breached must be clarified. Look at the following information below for more information on the signs that your phone may have been hacked.

Mysterious Data Usage

If you’re someone who monitors your data usage very closely, you will immediately know if there has been some mysterious data usage going on. Spyware apps are known for stealing data from your phone and sending it over to the person who is the one doing the hacking.

If you are unsure of how to check this, you can check your Settings and go to Data Usage to see if there have been any spikes in data usage that you’re not responsible for.

Mysterious Charges On Your Bill

Not all malware and spyware will infect and destroy your phone. In fact, some malware are forms of opportunistic hacking instances for those doing the hacking. More often than not, the owner will download something and receive a financial hit instead of receiving whatever it is they were trying to download. Like the usual hacking of an Android phone, this money-sucking hack will not stop unless it is forced to do so by whatever means necessary.

You’ve Indulged In Third-Party Apps

If you’ve downloaded any third-party apps, meaning you’ve downloaded apps that you did not download from the App Store, Google Play, etc., your phone is most likely compromised. While this isn’t exactly a definite sign, it’s something that you can look out for before the hack even happens. It’s extremely important to never download an app through a third party and only ever do so with a trusted app store.

Battery Never Lasts

This is another major sign that is very easy to spot. Is your Android’s battery running out much faster than it normally does, and cannot seem to hold a charge for very long? If so, your phone is probably hacked. Spyware drains a phone’s battery like you would not believe, which is why it’s one of the biggest hacking indications that is very easy to spot by the owner of the phone. It’s your phone and you know how long it can generally hold a charge, so even though this sign may seem like something that can be overlooked, you’d be surprised how much of a red flag it is.

Notifications Appearing And Disappearing

Have you received any type of notification, whether it be an email or a text message, but it’s disappeared when you’ve gone to check it? This type of incident is a very clear, flashing red light that something is definitely wrong with your phone. Malware and spyware, more critical when combined, tend to send your phone into a frenzy. That, or they will mess with your calls, text messages, emails, you name it.

Attempting To Access Open WiFi

Even if an open WiFi with a decent amount of bars seems like a good idea, steer clear of it. Why do you think a strong WiFi network would stay open for all to use, because the owner of the network is careless enough to leave it without password protection?

Maybe, but this is often not the case whatsoever. Most of the time, the network will hack into your device and use redirection methods on each website you go to.

For example, redirect you to a fake web page of your bank so you’ll input all your information when checking your balance, paying your bills, etc.

What Do I Do If My Phone Is Hacked?

Now that you know for sure that your Android has been hijacked, you’re going to need to do something about it. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to ensure that your phone won’t become hacked again, as long as you are careful.

Wipe Your Phone Clean

You can go to a carrier service location and have your phone wiped completely to ensure that the hacker is gone and stays gone. Although, this may not be an ideal thing to do for everyone, especially if you have a lot of important information and other forms of data on your phone, it’s the ultimate way to de-hack your Android.

Delete/Uninstall Everything You Don’t Know

If there are downloaded apps that you didn’t download and have no idea how they got there in the first place, uninstall them immediately. This should also be done if you are seeing information or other forms of data that are not yours, as well.

Protecting Your Android

Having your Android hacked is a very unpleasant experience. You risk having your identity stolen, your bank account emptied, and so much more, but knowing what to look for and how to stop the hacking is incredibly important.

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