FAQs for Fall 2017

Whoops! How to Retrieve Deleted Messages

You’ve accidentally hit Delete on an important text message. Noooo! Well, don’t freak out just yet. We know how to retrieve deleted messages. It’s actually quite easy! Does Hitting Delete Permanently Erase Stuff? Computing devices such as PCs and smartphones never really delete data right away even after using the Delete key. Sure, the trashed […]

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Top 8 Free Phone Tracker

Society is changing, and our worst nightmare as parents is to find out that crime is on the rise. To make matters worse, our children grow up a little too fast, making it a lot harder to keep track of them, especially when most of their conversations are exchanged through text messages. So, what is […]

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Ways to Locate My Phone Online

There are several ways you can locate your phone if you lost it, whether it’s been misplaced or stolen. As a precautionary measure, you should always take preemptive steps to ensure that you’ll be able to locate your device easily if it’s ever out of sight. Some steps include setting up the ‘Find My Device’ […]

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3 SMS Tracker That Actually Work

Google SMS tracking apps and you get a slew of sites hawking this and that monitoring app. Some are free; many carry a price tag. In addition, there are many that are clunky or worse, don’t even work at all. An outstanding sms tracker should have the qualities of being absolutely unobtrusive, a seamless worker […]

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Track My Phone For Free Online

Losing a phone is the pits. Our personal and work lives are so dependent on our devices that for a time, some may even feel quite debilitated without them. Yet we often don’t think of or really want to shell out some dough for tracking apps that can help us find our phones in the […]

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Mobile Spy App Review

Mobile Spy app offers a lot of cool features to help you keep track of what your children or any of your loved ones are doing with their phones. Yes, the word “spy” might sound silly.  But when this app is in the right hands and is used for the right purposes, it will benefit a […]

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Spy on Phone: How To Monitor Your Child’s Phone Activity

Smartphones have evolved so much in the past few years that they are now virtually complete guides to anyone’s life, storing one’s location, conversations, and other personal information. This can be a double-edged sword: while it helps you keep all you need in one place, it also offers others deep insight into your life with […]

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iPhone Tracker Spy Apps: All You Need To Know About Them

We live in a world in which spyware is rapidly becoming normalized. No longer just a tool of hackers and government agencies, most adults have potential access to some iteration of this type of software. iPhone trackers are one element of spyware. They can be an extremely useful tool for keeping your children safe or […]

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What is iKeyMonitor? Everything You Need To Know

Why you need to know about iKeyMonitor Did you know that sexting (sex texting) is now rampant among young kids, especially females? According to ‘The Telegraph,” it is currently observed that some kids send private pictures of themselves to strangers on social media platforms.  As a lovely parent who is concerned about your kids’ safety, […]

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How I Find My Phone For Free

Once upon a time, not that long ago, if you lost your phone, it was fairly easy to find, because it was attached to a cord, attached to a receiver, attached to the wall. Simple, really. Today it’s a bit harder to find your phone for a number of reasons: it’s a lot smaller, it’s […]

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