Don’t Be Afraid To Tell Restaurants About Your Child’s Food Allergies

It’s very important to know about child food allergies. If your child sneezes too often or is prone to develop skin rashes or gets a severe stomach ache too often, then your child is more likely to have a food allergy.

It is possible for any child to develop food allergies but it is more often in those children who belong to a family where the history speaks of allergens against some particular food items.

What are the common symptoms of food allergy in children?

There are different symptoms in different children, but some of the most common symptoms that are found in every child are as below:

  • Skin Rashes
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Always having a running nose
  • Stomach ache

If you witness these symptoms in your child at a very early stage, then it is highly recommendable for you to fix an appointment with an allergist as soon as possible. Also, to keep a note of all the symptoms, it is better if you maintain a diary and keep track of all that is happening with the child.

One of the major issues that the parents face is of traveling and eating out when their child suffers from a food allergy. It is very important for the parents to plan about the same so that there are no future problems to the child.

Eating with Food Allergies

  1. Research Properly

If you are planning to eat out with your child, it is highly recommendable to call the restaurant beforehand. Also, the parents must ask them if the kitchen of their restaurant will be able to handle their personal needs or not. Also, the parents can check the menu online before visiting the restaurant.

  1. Choosing the Cuisine

It is a major task for the parents to choose the cuisine properly. For instance, Thai and Chinese food comprise of peanut oil, which might cause an emergency if your child suffers from a peanut allergy. Choose an appropriate restaurant.

  1. Eating during Off Hours

It is always better to go for dining out during the off hours. It is because during the off hours, there is a minimal crowd and it’s easier to talk to staff about special dietary requirements. Also, the kitchen staff can make mistakes in your special item if there is a high crowd eating at the restaurant at that particular time.

  1. Prepare for Emergencies

If your child is suffering from high food allergy and you are planning to dine out, then it is very important for the parents to prepare themselves for the emergencies that they might have to face. It is highly recommendable to carry two epinephrine injections whenever you are dining out.

Travelling with food allergies

  • It is very important to talk out about the allergens of your child with the staff members without feeling any embarrassment. The parents always have to keep in mind that there is no awkwardness or rudeness in asking or explaining the food allergy of your child to them. Many restaurants deal with the food allergies all the time.
  • It is the prime duty of the parents to be upfront and the very first time the waiter turns up at their table; they have to explain about having a condition to them. Also, it is better to make them explain that even a slight amount of the particular ingredient can make you sick and worse can happen.
  • If you are a person who loves to dine out but your child is suffering from food allergy, then the one thing that could be done is to make up cards with notes written on them regarding the food condition that your child be most comfortable with. The cards will also help the kitchen staff to learn properly about the special condition and prepare food as per your needs.
  • The next thing that is important for the parents is to know all about the cross contamination. It is very important for the parents to be sure that the utensils in which the food is to be cooked are free from the item that your child is allergic to. Even a bit of the allergen can cause a severe threat to the skin as well as the health of the child.
  • If you think that the kitchen staff is not paying attention to your words or the food is not being cooked as per your needs then it is advisable for you to leave the restaurant and go somewhere else to dine. There is no point in having a good time while having to be worried all the time about the food allergy of the child.
  • It is always better to play safe with the food that you order. The parents should always remember that simpler the food is the fewer chances of getting hit by the allergens. The simple food items comprise fewer ingredients. Also, it is better to avoid the fried food items as they comprise of many complex ingredients.

Food allergies are becoming more common day by day, and many children are suffering from it. It is very important for the parents to know about the most common food allergies in kids and keep track of all the reactions that the child suffers from. Lastly, the parents should keep in mind about all the allergens of the child so that they can speak up to the restaurant staff while you go for dining out.

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