How to Track My Daughter’s Phone Without Her Knowing

It’s never been easy being a teenage girl. School drama, relationships and gradually escalating social pressures upon women make the teenage years challenging even for the most resilient of young women.

The way that online social media is structured increases the problem for teenage girls, particularly from the ages 12 to 14. Research shows that while boys are more likely to gravitate towards video games as a means of “hanging out” online, girls prefer social media. Moreover, girls are present on Instagram and Snapchat in approximately 20% greater numbers than boys due to a preference for visual content. Because of all this every parent has only one question – How to Track my Daughters Phone Without Her knowing?

KidGuard - Track My Daughter’s Phone Without Her Knowing

Unfortunately, these more visual platforms are the perfect breeding grounds for cyberbullying, anxiety and depression. Research shows that physical appearance continues to be the primary reason for bullying, motivating harassment in more than half of all cases. Negative reactions to clothing is the number three reason for bullying, linked to roughly 1 in 4 bullying incidents. On Instagram and similar forms of social media, girls are also routinely exposed to pictures that promote unrealistic body standards, contributing to depression and eating disorders.

What a Parent Can Do

To ensure your daughter is safe, it’s important to stay well abreast of her activities online. The easiest way to do so is by using an invisible phone monitoring system. Why keep it invisible? Kids will hide what is truly happening if they think parents are watching. There are a variety of options available to see your daughter’s texts, social media posts and even track her phone’s location.

  1. KidGuard: we stand by our product as one of the best options out there in the online safety industry. KidGuard is designed to get parents the most essential information about their children in a user-friendly format. It integrates text message viewing (including deleted messages), stores photos, internet and app activity monitor, phone location and more into a simple interface that you can use from web browser. The app is designed to track both iPhone and Android phones.
  2. Mama Bear: this is a powerful application that shows you the posts your kids are making on social media, their texts and phone location. However, the downside is that your kids must “opt in” to the application; meaning that they may take care afterwards to hide dangerous behavior by interacting with social media using apps that are not tracked.
  3. Qustodio: a reliable app that allows parents to invisibly monitor their children’s texts, photos, online activity and phone location. You can also remotely lock your child’s phone, or block numbers and applications that you don’t want your daughter to use. However, while Qustodio offers a variety of uses, you’ll also need to pay a bit more for it than similar applications.


There is no perfect way to keep your daughter—or any of your other children—safe on the internet, but monitoring a phone is always a good start. Teenage girls are beset with social challenges such as cyberbullying, which can lead to eating disorders and depression. By keeping an eye on the social media posts your daughter sends and receives, you can identify any dangers early on – and swiftly act to keep her safe.

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