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Parents: 5 Reasons To Spy on Kid's Phone


By Marissa Johnson | November 5th, 2016

While there are many who disagree with monitoring a kid's phone, it is indisputable that it can save a kid's life and help you be a better parent.
Here are the top 5 reasons why you should monitor your kid's cellphone activities:

1. Prevent Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is on the rise and the long lasting effects on your kid can be permanent and even lethal.
Here are some stats:
  • 42% of teenagers with tech access report being cyberbullied over the past year.
  • 3 million kids per month are absent from school due to bullying.
  • 20% of kids cyberbullied think about suicide, and 1 in 10 attempt it.
The only effective method to prevent cyberbullying is to intervene when it happens.

2. Locate Your Child

About every 40 seconds, a child goes missing or is abducted.  That's nearly half-a-million kids in the U.S. every year, according to the FBI.  
Many child monitoring programs includes GPS tracking devices for parents so you can get the exact location of your kids anytime you want.
GPS tracking for parents have become very popular and there are many reasons to support the use. 
It may all sound a little Big Brother, but its a great use of technology to help you keep your kids safe.

3. Prevent Substance Abuse & Other Dangerous Behaviors

Here are some startling statistics on substance abuse amongst teenagers last year:
  • Almost 50% of high school seniors have abused a drug of some kind.
  • 43% of high school seniors have used marijuana.
  • 28% of teens know at least 1 person who has tried ecstasy.
  • By 8th grade almost 30% of kids have tried drinking alcohol.
  • 24% of high school students rode with a driver who had been drinking alcohol.
Substance abuse can lead to serious problems such as poor schoolwork, loss of friends, problems at home, and lasting legal problems. Alcohol and drug abuse is a leading cause of teen death or injury related to car crashes, suicides, violence, and drowning. 
We believe knowing and preventing this behavior is the first and most crucial step in being a good parent.

4. Identify Presence of Online Predators

The Internet is the #1 tool for child predators to develop "friendships" with children. The best way to guard your child is if you're watching.

5. Protect your kid's personal information. 

Children unintentionally broadcast their whereabouts and their personal information more than they should online, helping dangerous "digital strangers" find them in the real world.   Keep your kids safe from the dangers that lurk on the internet.

Advice to Parents

While raising a kid today can be challenging, there are some basic principles to follow that will make your job as a parent easier:
1) Talk to your kids: Raise certain issues by talking to your child about what you read.  Ask your child what he/she thinks.
2) Let your child know you'll always be there: Vast majority of kids facing serious issues will not admit it to their parents.  Let your kids know that you're there for her no matter what.  Even if she feels she's at fault.
In a recent study, 47% of teens did not admit to their parents issues of child depression, cyberbullying, substance abuse, or even teenage pregnancy.
3) Explain your position on sensitive issues: Don't just say what's not acceptable, explain why.  Explain that these are values that are important to you, your family, and to being a good person in the future.
Furthermore, we feel it's good parenting to enlist in a child monitoring program like KidGuard to better protect your kids. Protection like this not only adds an extra layer of safety, but also gives you peace of mind knowing what's going on with your kids around the clock, whether it's on SMS, What's App, Facebook, Snapchat, and many other apps.  You can get a glimpse of what's going on in your child's life by using our 7 day free, full access trial.

Should You Sign Up for KidGuard

While no one can prevent all cases of cyberbullying, sexual predators from targeting children and other unwanted social contacts, KidGuard allows you to confidently grant your children the online independence they want by allowing you to monitor and spot any suspicious activity and proactively protect your children.
Whether spying on a child's phone is acceptable or an invasion of privacy seems to be one of the most controversial parenting topics today.
However, with the alarming increase in teen suicides, child depression, kidnapping reports, cyberbullying, and online predators, experts across the US are now viewing monitoring a child's phone as simply good parenting.
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