How to Use GPS Tracking

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a satellite navigation process that assists in information of location and time, irrespective of the weather conditions. This is a powerful tool that provides a wide range of uses.

This innovative technology is used all over the world for both civil and military purposes. From controlling navigation, shuttle control and traffic to tracking cars, people, pets and assets, its applications are diversified and of great significance.

The GPS device pinpoints the exact location you are in while you are driving, running, fishing, sailing, hiking or exploring. It can pinpoint your location regardless of which part of the world you are in.


How can you benefit from using GPS tracking?

GPS helps you to locate anything that is of value to you instantly. You will get immediate real time answers and be free of your anxieties always.

Some examples of how you can use GPS tracking in your daily routine are:

  • Find your keys, wallet, or phone — even your car
  • Make sure your child gets to school and back safely
  • Keep your teen from speeding


Popular GPS Tracking Apps

Here are a few popular apps for Android and iOS devices that provide you with safe tracking benefits for your family.

  • Find My iPhone (iOS) / Android Device Manager (Android)

This app helps you find your device, whether it’s misplaced or stolen and gives you the position of the device in real time.  It can also track iPads and Android tablets as well.  It can be accessed with the iOS device’s iCloud account, or with the Android device’s Google ID. Just remember to turn on the Location Settings of the device.

  • Life360 Family Locator (iOS and Android)

With this app, you’ll be able to see each of your family member’s location on a map. You can even start a conversation with them all at once in a group chat. You can also set up an alert so you’ll get notified when a family member reaches their destination.

  • KidGuard

This app is designed especially for parents who want to keep their kids safe always, even online. Besides being able to track the child’s GPS location, it also monitors the child’s phone, so you know who they’re talking to and what they’re up to.


Wearable GPS Trackers

In addition to using smartphone to track, there are wearable GPS trackers: clipped on clothes, stashed in backpacks, or worn as a watch. These compact devices are paired to your phone or tablet for easy tracking. Some also include a geofence setting, notifying you if the device leaves the safe zone you set up. Wearable trackers are more often used on younger children, pets, or even an older family member.


Downsides of GPS Tracking

While GPS tracking can be very beneficial in keeping your family safe, there are minor downsides to consider if you decide to start using it.

  • Consumes battery quickly – because it constantly has to be updating the signals, it will use up a lot of battery and will constantly have to be recharged.
  • Signal blockage – places like underground parking lots, tunnels or forests might block the satellite signals and interfere with the reading.
  • Privacy issues – if your child finds out that you are tracking their activity, that might cause them to lose their trust in you. Make sure you have an open conversation with your child before you start tracking them.


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