Tips on Child Abduction Prevention

When it comes to talking to our children about the dangers of being abducted and how to remain safe, it’s important to understand that setting fear into their hearts is not the right way to go about it. Proper prevention methods will ensure that your child is not scared of the outside world, but rather more cautious and aware that there are people out there who are dangerous.


Keep All Records Up to Date

Keeping records of your children that up to date is one of the best ways to not only prevent child abduction but to help your child be easily identified if they are. Should they be abducted, keeping fingerprints, ID-like photographs that are taken every six months, medical, and dental records up to date properly will help bring them home a lot faster.

Internet and Phone Safety

As a parent you want your children to make and have friends, but what if they are the wrong kind, and they are actually setting themselves up to being abducted without even knowing they’re doing it?

Remind your children to never give out personal information online, which includes their full name, address, the school they go to, etc. While this may seem like the obvious thing not to do, we do need to remind and guide our children, especially when it comes to certain safety measures and abduction.

Where phones are concerned, there are phone monitoring applications and measures you can use to ensure that your child is safe. The applications are relatively easily to find through Google Play or the Android Store, and you can even find some by speaking to your local police.

Phone tracking can also be done through the provider that you have your child’s phone setup with. This is also a great method for finding your child should they go missing, because you will be able to track the location of the phone, where it was last used, etc through the actual phone company.


Get Them to Talk to You

If your child does not feel like they can trust you, they may not tell you what’s going on in their lives. For example, say a strange person has been speaking to your child every day on the walk home from school. This person makes them nervous, but they don’t feel like they can talk to you, so they keep it to themselves, and then they go missing.

Finding your child will be a challenge because you never knew about this person, so the police won’t know either. Getting your child to talk to and trust you can be a difficult task, especially if they are in their rebellious teenage years, but it must be done.


Keeping Your Children Safe from Abduction

You as the parent can do multiple things to ensure that your child stays safe, because even though we cannot protect our children one hundred percent of the time, there are measures we can take to ensure that they are a little bit safer.

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