How to Enable Parental Controls on an iPhone

Are you concerned about your child’s technology habits and feel like you need to step in without being too obtrusive? One really nice thing about Apple software is that it has vast parental control capabilities. On an iPhone, you can manage access in two easy ways: through turning on restrictions or through setting up guided access.


1. Restrictions

The restrictions feature on iOS devices allows you ban or limit use of any app, website, and other entertainment.

To turn restrictions on, you must first go to ‘Settings’ and scroll down to find ‘General’. Once in General, keep scrolling and you will find ‘Restrictions’, which allows you to turn restrictions on and off.

If this is your first time using these parental controls, it will ask you to set up a passcode. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to use a password you will remember, or to write it down; if you forget your password, you have to reset the entire device in order to reset your passcode.


2. Guided Access

This feature is really nice for the youngest technology users, as it enables you to lock the phone to stay inside an app. Guided access is a great option if you are giving your own phone to younger kids to use because you won’t have to worry about them accidentally exiting out and making calls, sending texts, or deleting pictures.

To enable guided access, you must first go to ‘Settings’. Once in Settings, and scroll down to find ‘General’. Once in General, keep scrolling and you will find ‘Accessibility’.

You will find ‘Guided Access’ under the Learning header, which will be close to the very bottom of the page. From there, you will be able to turn Guided Access on and off, set and change your passcode, and even set a short-cut which will automatically turn it on with a simple triple-click.

Whether you’re looking to set-up parental controls on your child’s phone to ensure their safety, or even on your own to give you peace of mind (and an occasional break from your little one), these 2 easy-to-follow methods will put you in control of which apps, websites, movies, and music your child is exposed to.


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