5 Popular Apps Among Teens to Keep Track Of

The smartphone has been in the spotlight for a few years now with its internet capabilities, built-in-camera, and many other “smart” features. Whether you are Team Apple or Team Samsung, there is a smartphone for you. However, with a smartphone, one receives great responsibility in picking out the greatest apps to use. Here are the most popular apps amongst teens that you should know about!



Texting is all the rage today and with that comes many apps to use. One of the most popular apps among Millennials is Whatsapp. It features texting, voice messages, and calling over the internet. Another great feature is its group chats, allowing friends to connect together. Its popularity blossomed in Europe and drew a crowd in the states shortly after. Whatsapp has connected people from all across the world with its availability globally.  Now, it is on Apple and Samsung as one of the most downloaded apps.



Snapchat brings the best of both worlds with texting and photo sharing. With the uploading of photos onto your “Story” or to certain people, sending videos to friends and family has never been easier. Photos you send disappear after 24 hours to maintain privacy while you also have the option to screenshot the picture to hold in your camera roll.  Snapchat lets you show everyone what is happening now, and with the option to save your photos and videos to your memories, you can keep the moment forever. (Fun fact, Snapchat is ranked #3 on Top Charts in the App Stores.)


Instagram oh Instagram, how the millennial sings your praises. Ranked #5 in the App Store, Instagram has revolutionized the planet with its virtual photo album feel. Users are able to post photos of adventures, precious moments, or even day-to-day activity for friends to see. Your privacy is, of course, considered. Accounts can be private or public, creating an atmosphere of security for those who desire it. Instagram has opened the doors for people to swap stories with the all famous hashtag. Hashtags (#) guide you to similar pictures that you may be interested in. To show your interest or love of a photo, a simple click of a heart lets the photographer know.



The wait for your favorite song to come on is now over. With Spotify, you get to design your playlists to play what you want, when you want. With a free membership or a Premium membership, the music of the world is at your fingertips. Spotify grants access to the top albums as well as the little known ones, providing service to a melting pot of music tastes. When you have listened to a few minutes of music, Spotify is quick to recognize what you like and what you don’t and provides you the “Mix of The Week”. This mix brings together songs you may have never heard that are just right for you. The app also features top mixes around the world in which you see what music is hit in countries you’ve traveled to or have wanted to see.



Tweet away with Twitter. Popular amongst millennials and celebrities alike, Twitter grants the voices of the public to be heard. Whether there is a comment on a political situation, opinion on what Katy Perry wore, or the daily activity of what your dog ate last night, Twitter is the place to go. Here you can tweet 140 characters of what is on your mind with no strings attached. There is also the option to tweet a picture of your fluffy pooch or post a gif to really show how you are jumping for joy to visit a friend. Twitter even holds the possibility of a celebrity appearance on your feed. (Ryan Gosling liking your tweet? Best twitter moment ever!)

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