Providing Freedom to Your Kids With Cell Phone Tracking

If you’re on the fence about giving your child a cell phone, you should know there are many benefits to giving them one. Not only are cell phones great for learning purposes, but they also provide an excellent avenue for staying in touch with your kids. Whether it be sending text messages, instant messaging on social media or an app, or calling them, you are provided with multiple ways to communicate.

According to a report released in February 2017, approximately 45% of children in the United States between the ages of 10 and 12 had their own smartphone that included data, text, and voice. Many others also had a cell phone but not a service plan. Instead, they used the internet on the phones by connecting to WiFi. The report also stated that about 22% of the children received their first smartphones when they were only 10-years-old. 15% received on when they were 9 or 11. Even more mind-blowing was that 16% of kids received their first smartphone when they were 8. Another report details that nearly half of all children 8-years-old or younger now have a tablet device.

Children in the US aren’t the only ones using cell phones at a young age. In South Korea, 72% of children between the ages of 11 and 12 have a smartphone and spend more than 5 hours a day on them. Across Europe, nearly half of all kids between 9 and 16 years of age have a smartphone. Children in Italy, however, aren’t typically allowed to use their phones at school. In Denmark, on the other hand, teachers encourage the use of smartphones for educational-related activities.

How to Provide Freedom to Your Kids With Cell Phone Tracking

As parents, it’s important to teach kids about the freedom to make their own choices and how those choices have consequences. Giving a child a cell phone is an excellent way to provide freedom to kids while still be able to track them. You are much more likely to let your teenager take part in certain activities, such as going to the mall with her friends, if you know how to track your daughter’s cell phone.

There’s no denying that life is busier than ever before. Kids and adults alike have busy schedules from one day to the next. Being able to call your kids to check in on them is crucial for knowing their whereabouts. With help of a cell phone tracking software, you can always pinpoint your child’s location. A simple phone call is an excellent way to let your child know you’re running a few minutes late and won’t be on time to pick him or her up. If you prefer, you can even share your own location with your child. This way instead of standing outside waiting for you, your child will know exactly where you’re at and can go back inside to a safe place until you arrive. Your child can also use the phone during instances when his or her activity has started late. Instead of arriving 30 minutes early to pick your child up and having to sit there and wait, you can run errands. In all actuality, giving your child a smartphone adds to not only his or her freedom but your’s as well.

Many service carriers provide tracking options for a fee, or you can download a free app that shows your child’s whereabouts. KidGuard, an amazing monitoring service software, allows you to track your child’s online and offline behaviors, including recovering deleted text messages, location, and voice calls. It essentially allows you to “spy” on your child’s phone logs, instant messaging chats, text messages, and more. Not only can you use it to ensure your children are safe from online predators, but you can also utilize the app to monitor how much time your child is spending on the internet. If you prefer, you can use settings to block access to certain sites that you consider to be disturbing or unsafe. If your child is ever injured in an accident /or abducted, a child injury lawyer and the police department can use his or her smartphone to acquire valuable evidence.

You aren’t the only person your child is going to communicate with using his or her smartphone. In fact, you might be the last person your child wants to talk to. Having a cell phone provides kids with an easy way to stay in touch with friends through messaging, voice, and social media. But as with all types of freedom comes the temptation to abuse that freedom. Giving your child a smartphone means it’s your responsibility to make sure you are protecting your kids from the many evils that exist in this world, like online predators. With today’s advanced technology, you can easily install tracking software that lets you monitor your child’s every online move. You can spy on text messages, track phone logs, and even keep an eye on whether your child is being cyber-bullied.

Giving your child a smartphone is an excellent way to show them you are providing them with the freedom to make their own choices and that you trust them to make smart decisions. Not only is there a trust that they will use the phone correctly regarding text messaging and apps, but that they will take care of the phone and not let it get damaged. You’re also trusting them to answer your calls and texts. It’s a great way to teach them responsibility. You can even have children do chores and use their allowance to pay for a portion or all of the service plan.

The Takeaway

If you’re thinking about giving your child a smartphone, you’ll definitely want to discuss it with your spouse or the child’s other parent or guardian. It should be a mutual decision and there should be a time set aside to explain to your child the terms and conditions of using the phone. It should be made very clear that you will be monitoring the child’s behavior on the phone and that all tracking capabilities should be turned on at all times. Tracking apps like KidGuard can be locked for call, text message, and GPS monitoring purposes, meaning your child can’t turn them off without your permission. If your child can abide by the rules, giving him or her a smartphone is an effective way to provide freedom while giving you peace of mind.

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