Social Media and Distracted Driving Among Teens Part 2

Welcome back to our discussion of how social media functions as a major distraction for teenage drivers. In the first part, we explained how Snapchat is a unique threat to young drivers as it simultaneously distracts attention, removes hands from the steering wheel and takes eyes off of…

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How to Set Parental Controls On Youtube App

In the time that it takes you to read this post, 14 million videos will be watched on YouTube. YouTube is now the world’s largest video network, used to entertain, educate, market and everything in between. A lot of that entertainment and targeting is aimed at our children.…

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Social Media and Distracted Driving Among Teens

It is now 2018, which means that the newest generation of drivers was born after the turn of the century. This group was raised without memories of getting the first Playstation and probably have never touched a flip phone. They have been born into a culture of social…

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