Look Up People Online: The Most Popular Search Tools

You may be an employer or a concerned parent seeking to screen those in your business or around your family. You may want the added convenience of looking people up online. For your convenience, we have listed some of the most popular tools to perform background checks or just lookup people online.

Kidguard People Search

A great tool that can help you look up people online is the KidGuard People Search. Using this tool, parents can research who their children are interacting with online, who’s their new teacher, and if their neighbors are safe. With this search tool, you get to know if your child is in safe hands at school or while riding up and down your neighborhood.

What makes this search tool win out other competitors is the ability to glean useful information from social media, public records, and other valuable resources. The best part is that all of your searches are safe in the KidGuard’s SSL certified server.


This tool collects public information from various sources and consolidates everything into a single record, making the information easy to understand. You can see phone numbers, previous addresses, criminal history and social media profile. You can also use it to locate lost friends and family members. It also gives you information about the person’s education and employment history.


TruthFinder is also widely used to look up people online and provides accurate and detailed information on anyone. The tool can help you find criminal records, undisclosed addresses, and even little-known aliases. The background search tool lets you gather data from police and other public records, including tax records. It also uses additional information from social media.


PeopleFinder is a background search tool that combines unique private sources with public records to dig out a person’s information. With thorough research, the tool can provide criminal records with former addresses and access to relatives and friends.

The best part about this tool is that it also provides a comprehensive background check within a couple of minutes. The tool also does a great job of providing contact information in case you need help tracking someone down.


Spokeo offers access to a database of over 11 billion records. If you are trying to look up people online, such as old friends or lost family members, this particular tool will provide accurate cross-referenced data.

The tool also enables neighborhood-wide searches for those interested in renting or buying in a different part of town. The tool is capable of gathering multiple records from different sources including social media, public records, etc.


Just like Spokeo, you can also use this background search tool to connect with long lost family and friends.

Do you frequently get calls from an unknown caller? You can also use this tool to figure out their identity. You can even use the tool to look for information about yourself. However, you cannot search based on an individual’s number or e-mail address or use it to screen job applicants.


As an employer, conducting an employment background search is a critical process that will help you select the best employees for the job. This is basically for the safety of your personnel, customers, and assets. On that other hand, if you’re an applicant and are worried that something petty will show up in your past, then we recommend hiring an expert to help you to conduct a comprehensive background check. Lastly, if you’re a parent who’s worried about the adults around your children, then a background search might be useful to protect your family.

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