Landlord’s Wanting to Find Someones Background Before Leasing to Them Is Something Tenants Should Welcome

Moving pains just does not come from logistics planning, budget workarounds, and saying goodbye to life as you know it; but, the inevitable background checking that comes with a rental application may also prove to be another canker. It is quite logical to get antsy or dread background checks even if you’re sure your records will paint a very staid, unadventurous life, but the caution behind finding someone’s background before leasing to them is a justifiable one. Still, a lot of errors may show up that can cost you time and money to rectify, not to mention having to change your prospective landlord’s already formed an opinion of you, based on erroneous reports.

Yes, background checks are a pain; but, there’s always the possibility of squeezing out great lemonade where you see lemons from a landlord wanting to find someone’s background. It’s a matter of thinking from a different angle.

An Opportune Time to Clean Up Your Records

Did you ever stop to think that maybe some public record of you out there may bear a mistake? Most of us don’t think of it until hit with a damning background report after someone has found it. Before you hand in an application to rent a home, do yourself a huge favor by initiating a background check on yourself.

That’s right. Check yourself like a boss; find someone’s background, that someone being you. Go through public databases that hold criminal, eviction, court, credit, employment records and the like. Don’t forget the register for sex offenders, even if you aren’t one. A background search may turn up a record embarrassingly branding you as a pedophile just because the fates conspired to, unfortunately, christen you with the same name as that pervert. If you find yourself in that list and you really aren’t one, look for details that prove you and the molester are not one and the same person, such as your middle name, birth date, or parents.

While you’re background searching yourself, it pays to be thorough. The downside of fine combing through your files though is the huge cost in time. Although most of the information on the net may give you free access, you may need to verify data from many sites and servers and cross-reference them for accuracy. Unless time isn’t gold for you, shelling out some bucks for good help may not be a bad idea.

Consider websites like KidGuard People Search and Mobile Health that specialize in background searches; they able to find someone’s background, you, me, your potential neighbors, with ease. These BGS sites collect data from all sources, cross-reference them for verification, and serve all findings in one neat, concise report. The KidGuard People Search, for one, does not only check public databases but also social media networks. In this way, you may glean insights into how your personality comes across to other people (particularly to landlords in this case) from what you post online.  These online background searchers will save you a lot of man hours checking and reporting the nitty-gritty on yourself. You will need to go through this report mainly to check for errors and false documentation. You will know what to correct and what documents to prepare as proof against whatever erroneous or questionable data is on record. For example, should you discover that records still mark your ten-year-old eviction case as unresolved even though it had been concluded in your favor, you have the chance to alter the status before submitting yourself to a background check by your prospective landlord.

A Landlord Who Checks Prioritizes Security

If landlords want to make sure you’re not a felon or a sex offender, hence their need to find someone’s background, chances are they have done their homework on your neighbors as well. If your background-checking landlord owns the whole building, then it may be safe to assume that all who live in it have passed his meticulous scrutiny. This is good to know that your kids won’t be in close proximity to sex offenders or you won’t be sharing the hall with a dubious ex-con.

Good Quality Neighbors

Since background checks verify a person’s responsibility and stability, people who have passed your landlord’s checks may fit more or less into the hard working, dependable, responsible, and most of all, considerate category. If you are of like character, you may have more neighbors to your liking than not.

Background checks may be de rigueur, especially if you are renting in good neighborhoods. Regard finding someone’s background as a safety protocol that should assure you of a good living environment. So do your part and prepare yourself by updating your own information. Use good online background checkers to ferret out any anomalies, thoroughly. Iron out all those kinks in your documentation. Not only will you have peace of mind but also a new, safe environment to live in.

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