Background Search: When To Do One?

Conducting a background search on anyone is very important business, but it’s important to know when it’s right to do so. If you are a parent who has an odd feeling over another parent, a family member, neighbor, teacher, or whatever the case may be, you may feel that a background search is necessary.

However, before you jump the gun and get an immediate background search for any reason, you should consider a couple of factors before you do.

Making the Important Decision

There are a number of instances where conducting a background search on someone becomes an important decision. For starters, as a parent, you know the behavior and routines in your family. However, if something is out of the ordinary and you suspect foul play, it’s important to act. This is also important if your boyfriend or girlfriend is starting to exhibit the same things.

Going forward, take into consideration some of the instances below to ensure that you are making a well thought-out decision when it comes to conducting a background search on someone.

Strange Neighborhood Activity

There are multiple instances you should be looking out for here, even if it’s none of your business and you don’t know your neighbors all that well. If you have children, or there are a number of children living in your neighborhood, it’s important to keep your ear to the ground to ensure it’s a safe area for everyone.

If you hear screaming from a home that is constant, or even periodic, you must call the police immediately. A background search on the person or persons, who are living in the home should be conducted if this is a regular occurrence.

If one of your neighbors constantly has visitors who look a little shifty and sketchy, a background search may definitely be worth your time. This person could be selling drugs, selling stolen items, you name it.

If you have any reasonable suspicion regarding any of your neighbors, you should definitely go through with a background search to ensure that everyone in your neighborhood is safe.

Your Child is Acting Out of Character

Has your child started school with a new teacher, or has started sports this year with a new coach? If so, you should consider a background search if they have exhibited strange behaviors or if you’ve noticed that your child is acting out of character.

This also includes your child being secretive with their online activity, as well. Even though only 10% of child abuse perpetrators are known to the victims, this is still a high enough number to be concerned.

Here are the most common signs of children being groomed by predators, whether online or offline:

  • They are spending an unusual amount of time online, whether it be on their phone, computer, etc.
  • Someone has been trying to get in touch with your child on their phone or on the landline of your home.
  • You have recently found sexually explicit conversations or material on your child’s phone or computer.
  • Your child has suddenly become more of an introvert and does not spend as much time as they normally would with the rest of the family.

Your child could also be the victim of bullying, as well. Listed below are signs of your child being bullied:

  • Injuries, such as odd bruises, that your child cannot explain or refuses to explain.
  • Frequent stomach aches and odd illnesses that could very well be faked.
  • Skipping meals, binge eating, or any changes in their diet that are of a burst/binge nature.
  • Exhibiting an aggressive nature or attitude for no reason.
  • Blaming others for their problems and not being able to accept responsibility for their actions.
  • Caring about what others think of them and popularity out of nowhere.
  • Frequent nightmares and/or difficulty sleeping.
  • Loss of interest in school, declining grades, not wanting to go to school anymore, etc.

If you have noticed any of the following signs above in either section, it’s very important to look into your child’s life and see if a background search is necessary based on any evidence you may have found.

Who Should You Target for a Background Search?

There are a number of people you should consider for a background search. Do not just end your search by asking for information because this does not always work. Sometimes you have to dig much deeper to find out the information you want.

Listed below are individuals who should be subjected to a background search based on any suspicious, incriminating, or whichever type of evidence you may have found that you want a serious explanation to:

  • Boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Teachers
  • Friends
  • Suspicious neighbors
  • Suspicious individuals found hanging around schools, parks, or other places where children may be present on a frequent basis
  • Strange co-workers who give you an uneasy feeling when at work

There are others you could add to this list, but it’s just a generalization. You can conduct a background search on virtually anyone in your life, even if you are not in direct contact.

What You Will Need for the background search

There are a number of ways you can conduct a background search on someone without them even knowing about it.

Listed below are a number of sample information examples that you can use to conduct a background search with:

  • Their home address
  • Their work address
  • Their telephone number, which works especially well if they have more than one
  • The license plate of their personal car or work vehicle

Ensuring Everyone is Safe

Though you may feel that a background search in unnecessary or going too big in a situation, the safety of yourself, your children, your family, and those around you are more important than someone’s comfort.

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