What is a Background Check?

Whether you’re an employer or a concerned parent, you might want to know what’s in an applicant’s or boyfriend’s history. There is a need for vital information to ensure the safety and security of your clients, employees, or even family. A background check is one of the best ways to dig up information to cross check an applicant’s application or stop a disguised predator before it’s too late.

What is a Background Check?

A background check is a report contains a person’s history, including credit reports, arrest records and more. Employers can even use it to objectively determine a candidate’s qualifications for certain positions.

Types of Background Checks

In reality, there are different kinds of background checks. We’re going to run through the major ones we think that would be of benefit to your organization.

Employment Background Check

Most employers invest in a background check when they intend to hire an applicant. According to an employment benchmarking screening report by HireRight, 70% of employers have caught applicants lying on their resume.

And this has been one of the reasons employers will conduct a background check: to confirm the applicant’s stated credentials and also ensure they don’t pose a potential risk to employees and customers. Applicant information is compiled from different sources.

For instance, to verify an application’s information a company will contact a school as well as past employers.

Criminal Record History Check

Criminal checks may also be relevant in assessing a job seeker’s application or considering a new business partner for a venture.

Before doing a criminal search, you should know which type of crime  is important to your organization. Let’s assume your company is concerned about felonies, which includes aggravated assault, rape, and murder. you’d want to check state and county records.

For crimes like tax evasion, fraud, drug trafficking, and embezzlement, you may want to perform a Federal search. You also need to find out whether your organization would be interested in a search for the subject’s current country or city.

Database Check

Database checks search federal, state and county records for the most up-to-date information on an individual’s history. The search’s effectiveness depends on how often such databases are updated. That means your provider would need to follow up on any record found through a primary court search.

Driving Record Check

A driving record check is a secondary way to confirm identity which includes a person’s middle name and date of birth. A driver record search may have vital records about a person often omitted in national criminal searches.

When you run a driving record on an applicant or employee, you will find information about driving-related fractions that wouldn’t inhibit employment. However, they will show up on criminal record searches because most driving records are dealt with in criminal court. Almost every state will allow you to conduct a driving record check.

FBI Fingerprints Check

Most companies involved with child care are mandated to do FBI fingerprint checks. The FBI’s criminal history records are famously known as the “RAP sheet”, which is information gleaned from fingerprint matches to federal, state or local law enforcement agency databases. The record obtained can provide you with the person’s comprehensive criminal history.

County Level Checks

This is the gold standard of most criminal checks because most are handled at the county level. They are not required to provide such records to database aggregators. So, this implies that your provider would have to go to that county and request all the records from that county to see if there have been any criminal activities.

Social Security and Address History Verification Search

Social security and address verification are very important for pre-employment screenings. It can also be a valuable tool to uncover previous residences, employment, and education. You will be able to figure out if they are telling you the truth about where they lived.

The social security trace report provides employers with a list of major credit bureaus linked to the searched SSN.

It can also reveal additional alias names and addresses. This information can be utilized to broaden the criminal history investigation of an individual.

Credit Reports

Companies use a credit report background check as an inexpensive way to dig up information about somebody. Employers can use this info to know one’s spending habits such as if they pay for things online or pay rent on time. The reason why most organizations use information from a credit report is to avoid making a bad hiring decision.

What’s Included in an Advanced Background Search?

An advanced background check is simply a comprehensive background check providing you with in-depth information on a person or a pre-employment screening. Conducting a comprehensive background check can be complicated because it requires sourcing from different records and files.

A multi-jurisdictional criminal database search should be added to your county search to find records in jurisdictions where the subject didn’t live or work. A comprehensive background check is the best way to get the most accurate information about your subject.

If you want to make your search more efficient, a comprehensive background check should also include a federal or state criminal search.


As an employer, conducting an employment background check is a critical process that will help you select the best employees for the job. This is basically for the safety of your personnel, customers, and assets. On that other hand, if you’re an applicant and are worried that something petty will show up in your past, then we recommend hiring an expert to help you to conduct a comprehensive background check. Lastly, if you’re a parent who’s worried about the adults around your children, then a background check might be useful to protect your family.

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