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The KidGuard for Education Scholarship is part of our effort to bring awareness and inspire solutions on issues such as cyberbullying, online predators, teen suicide and childhood depression in the age of technology.

Elementary School RecipientsMiddle School RecipientsHigh School RecipientsUniversity Recepients

2017 Elementary School Scholarship Recipients

$500 Scholarship Winner

Ms. Wernecke 2nd Grade Class

Voices College-Bound Language Academy

" Voices College-Bound Language Academy Morgan Hill  will prepare all students for the challenges of higher education through the context of an academically rigorous dual-language program. In addition, we ensure students demonstrate high academic achievement and apply critical thinking skills while making sense of their role within their own culture and the greater society. Ms. Wernecke’s students have been in Voices since Kinder and we look forward to seen them mature to young adults, since we expect them stay with us to 8th grade. The class is using the grant money towards a field-trip to the Tech Museum in San Jose."

$200 Scholarship Winner

Ms. Cates 2nd Grade Class

D.H. White Elementary School

" Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this anti-bullying program! Our class had a great discussion regarding bullying and how to prevent it. Our plans are to use the funds for some of our classroom technology needs. And, to expand our classroom library, as we do not have a library on our campus. We are very honored that our 2nd grader class, at D.H. White Elementary school in Rio Vista, CA was chosen to receive the $200 scholarship. We sincerely appreciate it!" -Ms. Cates & 2nd Grade Students

$200 Scholarship Winner

Ms. Phillips 5th Grade Class

Science and Technology Academy at Knights Landing

"We have a high level of both second language learners and students with special needs. We are the school that the kids that might not fit in at a normal school setting are welcomed with open arms. Our school is located in Knights Landing with a population of 995 people. We are located in the heart of the town and our community plays a huge role in our school culture. Over 50% of our students are provided free or reduced lunch, and 19% of our students are second language learners. With our population being so diverse, we strive to make our school unique from the traditional school setting in order to promote a high level of student engagement. We are able to do that with our integration of science and technology daily in our classrooms. Being a charter school we are able to have certain liberties with funding. However, our students are thirsting for more opportunities. I am a 3rd-year teacher and I do my best to constantly search for opportunities for my students. Students with these backgrounds deserve every opportunity to be as healthy and successful as possible. I am looking to intergrate more STEAM based opportunities for my students and this grant will allow me to begin this process!”

$200 Scholarship Winner

Ms. Lindsay / Ms. Kontich 3rd Grade Class

Don Callejon School

" We are a 3rd grade class at Don Callejon School, a K-8 campus in the Santa Clara Unified School District. Our school community is made up of students and families from a large number of different cultures which allows us to celebrate diversity and embrace and learn about our similarities and differences. We utilize the Project Cornerstone program to help our students learn to be empathetic, caring, positive upstanders in the community. Our school wide expectations further encourage students to follow the 3 R's (respect, responsibility, and right choices). We plan to spend the money predominantly on updating our classroom library with new non-fiction texts. Additionally, we hope to use the funds to purchase classroom supplies and materials not available through our standard school district supply orders. "

$200 Scholarship Winner

Ms. Trautman 4th Grade Class

University of Texas Elementary School

$500 Scholarship Winner

Erin Choi 7th Grade

Sierra Vista Junior High School

Cyber bullying can be prevented by securing the accounts and reporting abusive accounts. It can also be prevented by not saying anything mean in the first place. These methods may be obvious and simple, but they can be very effective. Cyber bullying can affect a person's life very much. It can be the cause of bad grades, absence, or even ending a person's life. It is a subject that should be thought about more. People should take it more seriously, and try to prevent it.

" My future plans are to go to a good medical college and become a vet. I want to go to a 6 year college and get my bachelors degree. After that, I want to live my life to the fullest, going to Africa and helping animals. I hope to help animals in need of helping hands. I want to live my life doing what I love most, spending time with animals. I also want to organize a nonprofit organization for endangered animal species. I hope to bring awareness to people about the importance of animals in our lives. "

2017 Middle School Scholarship Recipients

$200 Scholarship Winner

Elizabeth Truong 7th Grade

Oakland Military Institute

Cyber bullying and bullying cause kids to stay home from school. About 160,000 kids stay home each day because they are afraid of being picked on once they go to school. But some kids decide to suicide themselves due to the bullies. About 4,400 deaths per year due to cyber bullying. 14% of high schools students have considered to suicide. And 7% actually attempt to suicide. But how many are victims of bullying, about 3.2 million are being bullied. That is a high amount of kids worldwide. That is why schools and parents should help stop this.

" Ever since pre-school, people have always asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up. Maybe becoming a news anchor, delivering information about the world around us. My opinions change constantly but as of now, this is a long-term goal. Being a news anchor would mean a lot to me because I would be telling people what is happening in this world. The best part of being a news anchor is that a news anchor brings a reporting team, together to tell one story, that's the most exciting part."

2017 High School Scholarship Recipients

$1000 Scholarship Winner

Alexander Feranda 12th Grade

The Palmdale Aerospace Academy

Today's world has developed an attachment to social media, and it affects nearly every American's life daily, in both positive and negative ways. It connects people and brings us together from large distances and creates new bonds between complete strangers. You can talk to people all around the world with social media and learn many different cultures from your own phone or computer! I've always been fascinated by the people in Australia, Russia, England, France and other countries that I have become friends with and talk to often! It is true that there are negative outcomes to having social media as well, and the battle against cyberbullying is very tough, but social media is something too valuable to society to let go.

"My future plans for a career is to major in game design and development, as well as computer science. I plan to attend Neumont University in Salt Lake city to achieve both of these majors. I've always wanted to be part of the creation of popular video games, I love to see people enjoy them and use them to entertain even more people. There are many other forms of entertainment that I have seen but video games seem to take the cake for me. My plans are to join a game development studio and find a group of people that I can get along and have an even better experience in working with a team."

$500 Scholarship Winner

Jade Browne 12th Grade

Foundation Academy

The multiple forms and usages of the social media determine how people interact with others. This exceeds the brilliance of the telegraph when it was first thought of and used. This is similar to the telegraph and early telephone. The amazement of communication with someone not in your vicinity is a notion desired for a while. Social media can prove to be a nuisance and distraction, however; I believe it ultimately connects people with other cultures, languages, people, and locations that cannot easily have accessibility in real time.

"I am an incoming freshman at Southeastern University in Lakeland. I’ll be majoring in English to become a teacher. I want to study English not only for my love of writing and reading but, also because I understand the importance of writing and communicating. A good writer is one that can both entertain and teach others. I want to impact the world around me and make a difference. There’s a quote by Mark Twain explaining that there is no advantage for someone who chooses not to read and one who cannot. I want to be part of the process of impacting students and preparing them for the future."

2017 University Scholarship Recipients

To be Announced...

" We are the fourth grade classes at the University of Texas Elementary School in Austin, Texas.  A favorite part of our day is recess, but through class discussions, we determined that lack of equipment has created issues for the 4th graders.  Often students are excluded or would like to play different types of games but cannot.  With the Educational Scholarship, we plan to purchase a new variety of equipment to increase creativity and inclusion of everyone!"