How To Track An iPhone Without Them Knowing

how to track an iphone without them knowingThere are at least one hundred different options for knowing how to track an iPhone without them knowing, but we’ve taken the best, and easiest, options and compiled them into one simple place! No matter what your reason may be for doing so, discretion will no doubt be very important.


There are a number of applications and software you can use for the purpose of tracking an iPhone without anyone knowing, with one of the leaders being KidGuard.

KidGuard not only tracks the GPS location of the iPhone the app is installed on, it collects a number of different pieces of information: outgoing and incoming texts, call logs, Internet search history, social media activities, photos and videos, data from other messaging apps, you name it.

Though it’s designed for parents who want to keep an extra eye on their children, anyone can use it for whatever reason. You don’t even need to download anything onto your counterparts phone. You just need its iCloud account. It won’t even show up, keeping everything lowkey.

All of the information that is collected is then sent to your account’s dashboard, which is inaccessible from the monitored device.

Including the information that’s saved on your kid’s phone, KidGuard gives you a record of any deleted data. This includes texts, photos, downloaded files, browser history, downloaded apps, etc.

Stalk With Facebook Messenger

Using the “Share Location” function in Facebook Messenger, you can track an iPhone using the app. The Marauder’s Map, an app whose name was inspired by the magical chart from Harry Potter, can be used to find the location of just about anyone.

If a person has their iPhone’s location feature enabled, you can see where they are whenever they move around. If you’re lucky, the targeted iPhone user will forget that Facebook has a default location setting that, unless manually turned off, is always tracking their location.

What’s more, this information cannot be deleted once it has been sent as a message, so that information is permanently recorded.

You will have to install The Marauder’s Map app yourself, but after that, you’re golden. Once you do, the location of any user you want will be accessible. It will bring up a location map for a number of users every time you open the Facebook Messenger app.

The Find My Friends Hack

While this option isn’t exactly a hack, it definitely seems like one! If you have an iPhone, and the person you’re trying to hack has an iPhone, try using the Find My Friends location app to effectively get the information you need.

Most people don’t use the Find My Friends app, so going through with this option is definitely a great idea. If the iPhone is running iOS 8 you will need to download the app from the App Store directly onto that phone. If you don’t have it on your phone, now is the time to get it.

However, if you both have iOS 9, you will notice that Find My Friends is a stock app and already installed on both devices.

Next, go to their settings by tapping their contact photo located at the bottom of the screen, and enable “Share My Location”. Make sure that their location is enabled using “This Device”, which is also under settings, and that you haven’t enabled it from any other device they may have linked.

You will then need to enable AirDrop on your phone, which can be found in the Control Center. This makes yourself visible to all contacts, but you don’t have to leave this on when you’re finished. Click “Add” in the app of the other iPhone, add your contact icon, and press “Share Indefinitely”.

This will allow you to see their location at all times, but make sure that you don’t enable your location. Though the owner of the other iPhone may not use the app, it’s best to leave your location off of their grid.

Hit “Accept” once everything is linked from their phone to yours, and make sure you press “Don’t Share”, which disables your location from being viewed, and you’re done!

You can now see their locations live, have notifications for when they arrive or leave at a certain destination, and more.

Now that you know how easy it is to track another person’s iPhone, you’ll have all of the tools necessary to get the information and location data you need.

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