How To Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone Location For Free

We are beginning to realize that technology can be a bit of a double-edged sword. On one hand, we can be reached anywhere, but on the other hand, we can be reached anywhere. We can post photos at any time for everyone to see, but on the other hand, we can post photos at any time for everyone to see! Do you get my meaning?

Technology makes life easier in many ways, including keeping us connected and helping us to do things without having to think too much about them. But in all honesty, some of the things we are able to do so easily we should actually spend a bit more time thinking about beforehand.

Can you track your boyfriend or significant other using his phone?

Thanks to the wonders of technology and the fact that your boyfriend is glued to his phone, you can indeed track him if you want to. There are some great free apps you can use to do this, just see below.

Before you do so, however, you might want to spend a minute pondering your reasons for doing this, and whether or not you actually should.

Why do you want to track your boyfriend?

There is usually one of two reasons for your suspicion of your boyfriend’s activities and interactions; either because he has a problem, or because you do. Here’s how to tell the difference:

Your boyfriend has a problem when:
  • Your relationship up until now has not given you reason to doubt him, but suddenly something has changed that you can’t put your finger on
  • He suddenly starts taking extra care in his physical appearance
  • He hides things from you on his phone like clearing call logs or not saving phone numbers under people’s names
  • He receives late night calls or communications
  • He is overly responsive to your questions about what he’s been doing, accusing you of being the suspicious one
  • He may even accuse you of infidelity or of hiding something else from him
  • He showers when he gets home, or other routines suddenly change
  • The amount of sexual activity with you suddenly increases or decreases
  • He overexplains where he has been and why it took so long
  • He makes up reasons for you not to accompany him to things He suddenly starts calling you at a set time each day because this is easier for him to ensure he has innocently checked in (and thrown you off the scent)

If this sounds like your boyfriend, then tracking him with an app may be a good way to get solid evidence of his infidelity.

Think about what you will do with the information once you have it, however, are you going to take positive forward action by confronting him, or breaking up with him? Or are you just going to do nothing and feel worse?

Consider what you want to achieve by taking the step to track him; as best you can, make it a positive and healthy step.

Generally, if you think he’s cheating, you are usually right. But sometimes some of us suspect our partners of cheating when in reality our distrust comes from somewhere deeper inside us. We may distrust our partners because people have hurt us in our past, or because we have a low opinion of ourselves and doubt why someone would love us.

How to tell if you are the one with a problem:
  • You have a past littered with boyfriends that you suspected of cheating (and probably one who really did!)
  • You have trust issues with other people in your life like your girlfriends or your parents
  • You question people’s motive for things, especially if they are being nice to you
  • You have low self-esteem
  • If you think about his behavior it hasn’t changed suddenly in any way
  • You feel overly jealous of his past relationships even if they didn’t mean that much to him
  • You constantly check up on him with no evidence showing up of infidelity
  • You know deep down that being suspicious of him is wrong
  • You are not completely open and honest with him yourself as a way to protect yourself from future pain.

If this sounds more like your situation then you might benefit from talking to a professional about your feelings and concerns. Tracking your boyfriend with an app is not likely to give you results or any kind of resolution to your suspicions.

Now you know why you are tracking your boyfriend, here’s how to do it

Now that you are armed with a bit more information as to why you are doing this, and what you’ll do with the information you find, here are some great free apps you can use:

  • Connect

You use Connect to follow your boyfriend’s location from social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. This app compiles all of your boyfriend’s location information and creates a map of where he’s been. It tracks the actual physical location of his phone, not where he ‘checks in’ virtually. You don’t need to install the app on his phone or invite him to join the app to get this information. Cheeky, huh?

  • Find My Friends or Find My Phone

Both of these apps will track the location of a phone and show it up on a map, however, your boyfriend would need to opt-in to be part of the service (or you could put the app on their phone when they are not looking, but I didn’t say that). Apparently with IOS 9.0 and higher the Find My Phone app is automatically included in the phones, so that has solved that problem for lots of doubting girlfriends in the future.

  • Trick or Tracker or Phone Tracker

These apps follow the whereabouts of your boyfriend’s phone, but again he needs to actively opt into using the system as the app has to be downloaded onto his phone. The apps use mapping and GPS to track the location of the phone and can be updated every two minutes if you wish.

  • TheTruthSpy or Hoverwatch

These apps are a bit more involved and not only track locations but listen to calls, allow you read all messages and can actually monitor general noise around the phone! TheTruthSpy is only free for the first 48 hours, so make sure you use your time wisely. With Hoverwatch, the app is free, but you need to pay a monthly fee to get information. Once again, you do have to actively download the tracker onto your boyfriend’s phone.

Make tracking your boyfriend a positive thing

A great many people suspect their boyfriends of cheating, and unfortunately, a great many people are right. But legally and morally, it can take you into a gray area when you make the decision to actually track their whereabouts using technology.

Think about what you are doing before you take the leap, and talk to people around you that you trust for advice and support on taking this step. If you do go ahead with tracking them and find out that you were right to be suspicious, use this as a positive step forward in your life. End this toxic relationship now and find someone you can truly trust, so you never have to track someone again!


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