How To See Text Messages On Another Phone

There are many reasons you may wish to see a text message on another phone without the other party knowing. You may be curious or concerned about your partner’s activities. Another may involve parenting issues such as your child acting overly secretive, reticent, or distant.

Regardless of your reasons, there is only one way to find out the truth – reading their text messages on their phone yourself.

How To See Text Messages On Another PhoneFor the parent whose child is constantly on the phone texting other people, your concern for your child’s safety and well-being is a good enough reason for you to take action now. For the lover whose partner seems to always be busy on their phone texting other people on the pretext of “business”, you deserve the right to know exactly what your partner is up to.

Lucky for you, advancements in technology have led to the development of mobile applications that can perform this very function. Most of these mobile apps provide features that offer more than just the ability to read text messages. You can also track location through GPS, read emails, look at calendar and photo albums, as well as nearly any other activity performed on a phone. If you want to learn how to see text messages on another phone, among other useful functions, the following apps might serve you well.


If you are genuinely concerned about your child’s activity, KidGuard is the best app to help monitor your child at all times. As a parent, it is your responsibility to keep your child safe, and also your right to know what your child is up to.

With the rise of online predators, scam artists, or cyber-bullying, KidGuard enables cautious parents like yourself to check your child’s text messages, GPS location, phone logs, mobile app chats, and so many other useful features that will make handling your parenting ordeals a breeze.

DDI Utilities

This is one of the best all around spy apps that works excellently for iPhones and Androids. DDI Utilities is no question one of the finest apps that furnishes the latest cutting-edge technology to help keep your activities secret and ninja-like.

DDI Utilities is able to both extract vast amounts of information from cell phones and infiltrate a number of functions including deleting texts, call logs and other data. For some, this may be too invasive. For others, this may be a useful asset in keeping track of a person’s cell phone activities.

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