Read Text Messages From Another Phone Without Installing Software

All jokes aside, you should seriously consider why you would want to read text messages from another phone before you go ahead and do it. Think about what you are going to do with the information that you might find.

Reading Someone Else' Text MessagesIt is common for people to want to read their partner’s phone messages if they suspect something out-of-the-ordinary is going on. It is also common for parents to want to read their child’s texts to make sure that they are not contacting a dubious or shady individual.

According to the law, accessing someone else’s data without their permission cannot be used in court proceedings, and in some cases, could be considered a crime. If you want supporting evidence for a divorce or family case, you should really talk to a lawyer first to make sure you are going about this legally.

If all you seek is peace of mind, be aware that your worst fears might come true. However, before going down this path consider what you will do with the information you find; talk to a counselor or a trusted friend and work through the next best course of action for you.

At the very best, try to use the information to repair a failing relationship and make things better moving forward. Use the information you find to seek help for yourself, the person you are monitoring, or, better yet, for both of you.

Now that we’ve got that sorted, here’s how to do it:

Spy Technology: How to Read Text Messages from Another Phone

There is some amazing spyware these days, but at this point in time, you still need to have access to the other person’s phone, even briefly, to install software or an app to make sure you get reliable monitoring.

There are some apps which claim to reliably monitor text messages without having to install anything on the other phone. It is possible to use some spy software to do all sorts of sneaky things. Forwarding text messages and calls, taking photos from the phone to see its surroundings and even using the microphone to listen-in can be done with some apps. However, in order to do this, you still have to install software directly onto the other user’s phone. Good surveillance apps may cost a little to download, but there is almost always an ongoing subscription fee to monitor the phone’s activities and access information.

Some of the apps that you could try include:


This is an app that uses the target iPhone’s iCloud account to access information. Once access is gained, you’ll have an excellent range of monitoring capabilities. This app is for parents who want to monitor their kid’s activity and data, including text messages, call history, GPS location, web browser history, social media, and access to a list of installed apps on their device. It also comes with a separate feature that gathers all of the compiled data for authorities to use in the event of an emergency.


This system is quite amazing and requires some extra level planning on your part. Spyera provides you with a phone, which you then give to the other party to use. Then you can read and monitor everything that goes on. This option does require that the other party happily accept a phone from you. However, if you were monitoring a child or employee, this could work.


This app requires installation on the other user’s phone without their knowledge. Afterwards, you can monitor pretty much everything including texts, calls, emails and browser history, photos and audio. It also tracks the location of the phone using GPS and records passwords.

So are there monitoring systems you can use without installing anything on the other phone?

The short answer is, no. There are many apps and websites that claim that you can spy on a phone and read text messages without briefly having the phone in your possession, so read these reviews very carefully. They purposefully omit that step, to begin with. But don’t worry. After installation, you’ll no longer need your counterpart’s phone to monitor his or her activity.

Before you pay for any app or spyware that claims you can read text messages from another phone without installing software on another user’s phone first, make sure you read everything you can. At this stage in time, it appears that you cannot reliably read someone else’s texts without first installing spy software directly onto their phone. You could consider this to be good news, for two reasons:

  1.      No one else can spy on your phone without having access to your phone first.
  2.      There’s a very lucrative gap in the market for a particularly clever remote spy app that you could create if you were so inclined

The Old School Way: Actual practical spying

Old School Ways to Read Text Messages From Another Phone Without Installing SoftwareWhy not take your secret agent routine old school, and try some practical low-tech spying methods?

You could try to sneak a look at the phone while the owner is not present, either while they’re in the bathroom or perhaps while they are asleep. Another trick that can work is to just ask to use their phone and then check messages while you are using it. If for some reason they refuse, this could be cause for alarm.

Another old school way to spy is to get a hold of phone records and look for repeated numbers. Of course, you can’t actually read texts this way, but you can certainly tell when your partner is contacting one number more than usual. Look for odd times, such as when your partner is at work. Lastly, cross-check the times they’ve told you they are off to the gym.

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