FAQs for Fall 2017

What is Cheaters Spy Shop?

Cheaters Spy Shop is an online e-commerce outlet that sells spy products. Spy gadgets are household items used by people to carry out personal investigations on those who are close to them in order to know if they still deserve their trust. According to David Moye, a research Analyst of the Spy Shop, “the Cheater […]

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Cheating Apps: Everything You Need to Know About Them

Your partner is supposed to be your rock and they mean the world to you, so obviously, you trust them.But, what if they don’t feel the same way about the relationship? Can you trust them not to cheat? The Ashley Madison hack in 2015 revealed that there is a dark underbelly and wide array of […]

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It’s Not About How to Catch a Cheater

Do you believe your partner is cheating? If so, you are not alone. Nearly one third of all relationships encounter infidelity, making it not that uncommon. When you become suspicious of your partner, it may be easy to be overwhelmed. It is difficult to convince someone to come clean about their infidelity. No one wants […]

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How to Track an iPhone

One of the biggest nightmare for all iPhone users around the world would be the loss of their phone. It might be left behind somewhere, but it might also be stolen out of your pocket or bag unnoticed. You might be scared that your personal information in your phone might be misused. What can you […]

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How to Catch a Husband Cheating

There are dozens of telltale signs that your husband may be cheating on you, but many of these are unreliable, based on circumstantial evidence that may not stand up in an argument, let alone in a court of law. But catching a cheating husband is a bit different today than it was for most of […]

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Catch Your Husband Cheating? What You Should Do

The answer to this depends on the reasons behind your husband’s behavior. First thing for you to do is take a deep breath. You can create additional problems if you react by becoming an angry, paranoid, punishing partner. Your next step should be a conversation with your husband. Without attacking him, explain you want to […]

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Spyware: Everything You Need to Know

Spyware is a type of malware that secretly gathers private information about a person’s online activity without being detected by the person who’s affected. According to Erictech, a spyware detector and antivirus company, it’s a type of malware that allows the user to analyze and retrieve data from another computer while being undetected. Spyware was first […]

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Spy on iPhone vs. Android: Which Has The Best Features for Phone Monitoring

iPhone or Android? This is one question parents will contemplate when they decide to give their child a smartphone. The final answer usually lies in their perception of which operating system gives the most “bang for the buck” in helping parents track and control their child’s gadget use. Both operating systems, Apple’s iOS and Google’s […]

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