How To Hack Someones Phone Messages

In our culture where personal privacy is of utmost value, spying on your kids, husband, or employee feels distressing and downright sinful. Yet, many are forced to take steps to protect their families and themselves from the dark side of human nature. If one can just have foreknowledge, it could mean preventing harm or lessening its impact. Use common sense and a healthy sense of self-preservation to decide when you should respect someone’s privacy and when you should step in to protect your kids, spouse, or anyone you care about. Protection should be your right and priority.

why hack someones phone messages

If you suspect your kids of being victims of drug dealers or cyber bullies, here are a few ways to remotely access text messages.

SMS Tracking Apps

An SMS tracking app is a nifty little program that secretly intercepts text messages from a target phone and feeds you a copy of those messages through your phone or email. With these types of apps, you will be able to read whole text conversations on your own phone, laptop, or tablet without physically having the target device on hand. If the app is of good quality, the target phone’s owner will never know his messages are being monitored.    

How to hack someones phone messages if you're parenting a teenagerA lot of these SMS trackers are hosted on the internet. Some are free for download while others require a paid subscription. Where apps are concerned, you get what you pay for most of the time. Expect the free ones to be sometimes unreliable or limited in operation while those that require purchase could prove more stable and functional. Of course, before deciding on one, do your homework and read up on their product reviews. In addition, take note of the operating systems they run on as some only work with Apple’s iOS, and some only on Google’s Android.

Best to choose the app that is compatible with both platforms.

Install the SMS Tracking App

Whether you decide on a free app or one that demands purchase, you will need to install this tracking program into your spouse’s, kid’s, or employee’s phone. Now before you do so, make sure you have done your homework in knowing what’s best because a bad app can totally give you away. Some tracking software has been known to cause glitches in a phone’s operation. In this day and age, troubleshooting pointers abound on the internet and could tip off the target that his phone has been “bugged.” So be careful when making your choice.    

A caveat: You will come across many sites marketing monitoring apps and trackers that simply gloss over the fact that you will need the target phone for installation. Some trumpet remote monitoring and put emphasis that you do not need the target phone to see the messages. In this case, all tracking apps offer remote monitoring…or else, what’s the point? Yes, a tracking app should be able to send the target phone’s messages to your PC, phone, or other devices so you can see them at your own convenience and privacy. At this point in time, there is no app that can simply track someone’s text conversations without existing in the target phone’s system. Unless there is a security flaw in the Android, iOS, or Windows operating systems (a flaw which actually existed in the Android OS and reported by CNN last 2015), no existing app in the market today can actually hijack a phone’s data without residing in the device it is tracking. Phone locator apps are the exception as these simply need the target phone’s location services, enabled, to track effectively. Still, one must activate the target phone’s locator, if it isn’t already, and therefore still need physical access to the phone.

Hacking phone messages to prevent drug useAfter installation, you may need to install the app on your phone or sign in to a website. This is how your devices will talk to your tracker. Simply follow the developer’s instructions on how to set up the monitoring process and get those messages flowing in.

Other Software to Consider

When you are looking into SMS tracking apps, you probably came across some interesting kid monitoring software which offers a whole buffet of tracking services. Child monitoring apps such as Kidguard offer not only SMS tracking but access to photos, calls, videos, social media apps, browser history, and device location. These robust programs also offer file recovery services of deleted photos, call logs and messages.

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