Cheating Apps: Everything You Need to Know About Them

Your partner is supposed to be your rock and they mean the world to you, so obviously, you trust them.But, what if they don’t feel the same way about the relationship? Can you trust them not to cheat? The Ashley Madison hack in 2015 revealed that there is a dark underbelly and wide array of cheating apps, which has made it easier than ever for people to cheat on their partners.  

Not familiar with ‘cheating apps’? Here’s a quick crash course in what they are, what they offer, and how to spot them.

What are Cheating Apps?

Thanks in part to the emergence of smartphones, and the capitalistic nature of some business owners, relationships are fair game, and thus the invention of cheating apps, which have been designed for both iOS and Android devices. Coming in different guises, these small pieces of software allow potential adulterers to search for, talk to, share pictures and meet up with like-minded people. However, there is an arms race on between those who enable and those who wish to catch the unfaithful. As such, the sophistication of these applications improves with every update.

Disguised As Something Else

Tucked away neatly on his or her smartphone could be an innocuous looking calculator app. Cheating apps have been known to hide in plain sight.

One particular masker of suspicious activity is ‘Kyms Secret Photos’, appearing as a fully functional calculator, the entering of code enables access to secret files such as photos, messages, and video. While not solely designed as a cheating app, its features are often what an untrustworthy partner requires.

Additionally, there is ‘Vaulty Stocks’; this app is available on both iOS and Android offering real stock price searches. However, its true nature appears when a pin is entered, hidden information becomes available. Like the calculator app, it can secretly store, images, messages, and video. In fact, users with a premium account can back up this data to online servers.

The Stealth Apps

Unfortunately for the unsuspecting partner, there is a class of cheating apps that do not need to disguise themselves. In fact, they just don’t have an icon anywhere to be found.

These are the stealth apps, with one of the most popular being ‘Fox Private Message’. This application gives a would-be smartphone snooper no indication of its existence, or that a secret mailbox is present.

However, there are subtle signs that can give away a user, such as the shaking of a handset when a partner enters a room. This action allows the app to delete all messages sent to a lover, and for it to immediately shut down. Furthermore, there is protection built in, meaning that should a user fear his/her message app has been discovered. A quick SMS sent to the handset will shut it down and delete all messages, covering the tracks and protecting the identity of the extramarital lover.

The Fight Back

Fortunately, if you suspect your partner is cheating, there is help available to catch, intercept, and spy on your loved one. This assistance comes in the form of apps and advice. One app called DDI Utilities provides spyware level interception and its abilities include the option to install remotely, viewing of SMS, and none-encrypted handset data. 

As for advice, well, that’s often the most obvious and probably includes things that a suspicious partner would initially do. That being said, look out for undeleted/stored voice mail, unknown phone numbers, and new applications. All of these can be quickly verified with a search, listen, or call.

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