What is Cheaters Spy Shop?

Cheaters Spy Shop is an online e-commerce outlet that sells spy products. Spy gadgets are household items used by people to carry out personal investigations on those who are close to them in order to know if they still deserve their trust.

According to David Moye, a research Analyst of the Spy Shop, “the Cheater Spy Shop sells all sorts of surveillance gear for suspicious minds, including recovery sticks that can pull up anything currently on the iPhone and even recover deleted information.”

The Cheater Spy Shop is an idea from Bobby Goldstein, a seasoned TV series creator, and owner of the popular, syndicated television show “Cheaters.” The live TV show helps spouses discover their cheating partners with an evidence of the reactions that follow.

After successfully running the show for more than a decade, Goldstein realized it was time to take it a step further. So he came up with a website that helps his teeming audience and fans who are feeling cheated to find out the truth of their claim. It’s called the Cheater Spy Shop. The shop sells all kinds of mobile, PC, software, and gadgets that help spouses uncover their partners’ cheating situation.

The spy shop has become very popular, especially between two groups of people – women and parents. The first set buys spy products from the shop to track their cheating husband’s activities. The other uses the gadgets to monitor their children online and classroom engagements to be sure they are not involved in illicit activities and are not being unduly taken advantage of at school.

Speaking to HuffPost Weird News, Allen Watson, President of the Cheater Spy Shop, says that since inception the shop has been mostly frequented by women who feel their husbands are cheating on them and parents who would like to know what their children’s online activities are.

The Different Gadgets in the Spy Shop

Although the Cheater Spy Shop came about because of the incredible response and acceptance a lot of people, mostly women, gave to the TV series, “Cheaters,” Goldstein does not limit the range of products available in the shop to spy on infidelity. “The spy shop is equally meant for anybody who wishes to uncover any form of harassment at work or other places,” Watson said.

At the spy shop, you can get such products as a voice recording watch or a pen or even a video-recording ring. Also available in the online store, are recovery sticks that help you gain access to all the information, including the one already deleted, on your cheating spouse’s mobile device.

With these spy devices, you can easily assess the call logs, web history, texts, media, or any other vital information on your cheating husband’s or wife’s mobile or PC, with him or her completely unaware of the situation.

Why You Need the Spy Shop

Think about it. If a television show which airs in more than a hundred countries across the globe with a fan base that surpasses any other TV show that ever exists can be this revered and accepted, then there is no better proof that infidelity is probably not only real but is also one of the biggest family problems in the 21st century.

Let’s face it. With the rate at which families break up and a lot of relationships shred apart, it is only natural that people – especially those who are deeply concerned about their relationships – will go to any length to prevent their home from falling apart.

But first, people need to be sure the infidelity they suspect in their wives or husbands are actually happening before they decide on whatever actions to take. So they find it extremely helpful when they realize they can get to know if their husbands or wives are truly cheating on them by tracking their mobile or computer devices.

So if you find yourself in this situation too, you would do well to check the Cheaters Spy Shop for your spy pen or ring or necklace or camera. And from there the next step is entirely up to you.

Legal Implication of the Cheater Spy Shop

It hurts to entrust your entire life to someone you love so much only to discover that that person is cheating on you. It’s one of the worst feelings one can ever have.

But if you are still not sure if this is really happening (if your spouse is cheating on you) it is not too late to take a step. Rather than act irrationally as most people would do when they find out about the infidelity of their spouse, why not be your own Sherlock Holmes? Find out exactly what he or she is up to before you take any necessary action.

But while you do that, you should know the rules guiding the use of surveillance gadgets for personal purpose. Don’t make yourself a culprit in your bid to catch the real culprit. In short, know what the law says about using these spy tools for domestic reasons.

According to Kelvin D. Murray, an eavesdropping audit and counter-espionage consultant, “Private electronic eavesdropping and stalking are illegal on both federal and state level.” He believes that the job of investigation should be assigned to experts to carry out rather being entrusted to gadgets that can have far graver implications.

The author of the e-book Is “My Cell Phone Bugged” is also concerned with the fact that mischief makers might exploit these spy gadgets for their nefarious activities. In this interview with HuffPost Weird News, Murray also observed that even the Cheater Spy Shop is not free from the law that limits the use of spy software despite its declaimer on the site. There is a tendency that users might abuse it.

Prevention Is Preferred To Cure

It can be a hard pill to swallow if you find your spouse is cheating on you. You can lose your cool and pour out your anger including all your energy on the problem. And the effect of this on you would be obvious. You wouldn’t stop thinking about it. You wouldn’t trust him or her ever again.

But before you go ahead spying on your husband or wife, you should take a look at how you got here in the first place.

What led you into thinking your spouse is cheating on you? Could your doubt have come from too much consumption of TV show on cheating? Or maybe there is something you are doing that is gradually melting your husband’s love for you. Once you can find out what that is, then you would have had enough reason to go to the Cheater Spy Shop to buy your preferred spy gadgets.


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